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LED Gel Nail Lamps and Professional Electric Nail Files for UK Salons 

At Gelish & Morgan Taylor UK, you’ll find everything you need to perfect your nail artistry, from LED lamps for gel nails to electric nail files and bits, and much more! 

•    LED Lamps for Gel Nails: Explore our collection of professional LED lamps specially designed for gel nails, hard gels and Soft Gel systems.  With precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, unlike the traditional UV Lamp, our LED lamps ensure unbeatable reliability, efficient curing, and a long-lasting shine!
•    Electric Nail Files: For unmatched precision and control, explore our range of professional electric nail files. Using the latest smart technology, Gelish electric nail files feature high torque levels paired with smooth, quiet, vibration-free filing.
•    Crafted with precision and ease of use in mind, they offer incredible versatility, efficiency, and flawless, smooth nail surfaces every single time. 
•    Bits and Accessories: Our collection of file bits and accessories ensures you take care of the details. Find the perfect bits to suit your needs, whether you’re working on acrylics, gels, or natural nails. Plus, discover an array of lighting and nail dust collector solutions to ensure a clean, bright, and professional workspace, ideal for precision work.

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At Gelish & Morgan Taylor UK, we are passionate about providing you with the gel nail tools and accessories you need to unleash your creativity. Take a look at our LED lights, electric files, and a wide range of accessories to complete your professional nail toolkit. 

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