Gelish Xpress Tailored For You Dip Powder, 43g

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Grey-Blue Crème from Gelish!

Style is always in season with the NEW Plaid Reputation Fall 2022 collection from Gelish!

  • Extra fine polymer powder to give perfect adsorption into the Base Coat, minimizing any graininess, cloudiness, and bubbles in the finished application.
  • Gelish Powder is versatile and can be used in several different ways within your Gelish Dip System application.The Dip Powder is formulated to give a perfect flow when used with the Gelish Dip Base Coat.
  • Adds strength, support, and color to the Gelish Dip System, giving a strong, chip free application and up to 14-days wear.
  • The enhanced flow properties enable us to achieve perfect crisp lines during our application – cuticle and sidewall lines and perfect sharp smile lines.
  • Easier and faster to apply than traditional acrylic with strength and support. A perfect collection of 120 colors with Crèmes, Shimmers, Metallics and Glitters.

Gelish Fall 2022 Plaid Reputation Collection

Style is always in season with the NEW Plaid Reputation Fall 2022 collection from Gelish and Morgan Taylor! Plaid Reputation is a retro revival that reimagines the fashionable colors and patterns from eras past. This shade range and nails set features six brand new, stunningly crafted autumnal hues. With its mix of soft neutrals balanced by ultra-rich statement shades, this collection has a little something for everyone!

Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish 15mL applies like polish and cures in a LED lamp in 30 seconds and in 2 minutes in traditional UV lamps. Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10 minutes. 

The Colors

Follow Suit (Deep Purple Pearl)Follow Suit (Deep Purple Pearl)
Follow Suit (Deep Purple Pearl)
Tartan The Interruption (Deep Scarlet Crème)Tartan The Interruption (Deep Scarlet Crème)
Tartan The Interruption (Deep Scarlet Crème)
Tailored For You (Grey-Blue Crème)Tailored For You (Grey-Blue Crème)
Tailored For You (Grey-Blue Crème)
It's All About The Twill (Lilac Grey Crème)It's All About The Twill (Lilac Grey Crème)
It's All About The Twill (Lilac Grey Crème)
Wool You Love Me? (Dusty Sand Crème)Wool You Love Me? (Dusty Sand Crème)
Wool You Love Me? (Dusty Sand Crème)
Tweed Me! (Pale Nude Crème)Tweed Me! (Pale Nude Crème)
Tweed Me! (Pale Nude Crème)

This collection is all about perfectly laying color and texture to achieve your best manicure possible!

With Gelish Fall 2022 Plaid Reputation Collection you will be en vogue with your nails! Gelish is where you make your nails become fashion- making you feel elegant. With this brand new six shade collection, your Reputation will make you an expert in nail fashion!

Step By Step With Plaid Collection

Step 1

Apply a thin coat of Tailored For You. Cure for 30 seconds in the 18G Led Light. Repeat for full coverage.

Step 2

Apply Blooming Gel onto the nail then apply Arctic Freeze. Allow a few seconds for blooming, then cure for 30 seconds.

Step 3

Apply Matte Top It Off and cure for 30 seconds. With a Wipe It Off lint-free wipe saturated in Nail Surface Cleanse, wife off any inhibition layer.

Step 4

Apply pattern with Arctic Freeze. Pour Gelish Xpress Dip Clear As Day Powder and tap off excess powder. Cure for 30 seconds. Finish your look by massaging Nourish cuticle oil onto skin surrounding the nail plate.

Follow Suit


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